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Well hello everyone!!!!

It’s been a long time since I’ve really talked about myself, who I am, and etc. in my blog. So, with that said, for this blog I would like to talk about my major, why I chose my major, and for those who are still contemplating: how I chose a major.

1. I’m a double major in Sociology with a concentration in Criminology and Deviance and Developmental Psychology.

2. I took a Psychology class in High school and instantly I fell in love. I came into college with my mind made up that I was going to be a Psychology major and I was going to be done within’ 2 years (since I had so much college credit). My 2nd semester of my Freshman year, however, I took my 1st sociology course. Now, I’ve taken multiple classes where I’ve had some REALLY good teachers who just made that subject seem AMAZING but I can honestly say NOTHING sparked my interest like sociology. By the end of the semester I found myself filling out an application to apply to be a double major.   This wasn’t just a simple and easy step either, because by taking on another major pushed me for an expected graduation year two years later (the full 4 years) here at Stanislaus. Actually, as I get deeper into my major courses, I’ve actually started to identify myself more as a sociology major 1st rather than the other way around.

Anyways, I guess what I’m saying here is that even when you’re sure that you’re sure: you may not be sure. It’s actually  been research done that proves that almost 50 percent of college students change their major at least once during their college career while some change it several times. The best thing, in my opinion is to stay flexible.

3. for those who are still looking, guess what? You’ll be fine. It’s something out there for you. Here’s a few things I did to find my major:

  • take personality test, career test, and etc. It’s SEVERAL of these things online but  to give you a brief, yet nice example, take the one in the link I’ve attached:
  • Don’t get TOO crazy but explore when you take your GE courses.
  • I made sure, no matter if my parents disagreed or approved, that my major was something I chose and something I enjoyed doing. YOU have to sit through lecture courses, volunteer work, internships, YOUR job, and etc. NOT your parents. If you’re going to go through all that, at least have it be something you actually enjoy!
  • Be aware of the expectations of the career you choose. Students who wish to attend medical school, for example, have to make that decision as early as possible because those few bad grades freshman year can come back to bite you senior year when you’re filling out applications for Grad School. Also, know how long you’ll have to be in school for. Psychology degrees, for another example, is a major that requires at least a Masters before you can get started into your career.

Those were just a few tips I followed when I chose my major. I hope I helped!

I’d like to hear: What is your major? Students: how did you pick your major? did you already know your major?



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Hello everyone,

I have some bad news. I’m currently upset because I’ve been looking forward to uploading all of my photos I’ve been taking but I unfortunately lost my camera so I don’t have all of the photos I’ve been taking for you all. Also, through this, I’ve noticed that I’ve developed a bit of a habit of always having pictures because now it feels so weird not having a photo to add. I, ironically, found a photo that explains my feelings accurately.

I always start from an event, my pictures, then work backwards. Well, although now all I have to do is just simply use my  phone, I realize that I’ve just been spoiled this whole time. So, for now on I’m going to mix it up. Every other blog is going to have a picture but I also want to start to include nothing but a good ol’ fashioned paragraph and also a few tid bits about myself. Okay, well, I hope you all enjoy my new direction as much as I am!


My Summer [Part 2]


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Welcome back to the Part 2 of my summer! =D

This time I’m going to talk about my month of July. This month was my CRAZY month. In this month I was not only informed that I was going to be rehired to be an Academic Year RA but I was also still working my Summer RA job! So my month of July I started training to be an Academic Year RA and through this training I not only learned a lot of important facts on emergency procedures and etc. but I also got A LOT of time to get to know my fellow RA’s. We even got a time where we took 3 days and spent it camping and at the beach. =)

Below is a hugeeeeeee collection of photos I took throughout this transition period of becoming an Academic Year RA. Also, there’s also a few pictures of my Stats. Homework I was struggling on because I was also taking a statistics course during this month! lolz Needless to say, I was pretty tired every day but it was definitely all worth it.

The bittersweet moment, however, is that all through out training I was fed EVERY SINGLE DAY (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). I gained SO much weight throughout the summer because I was eating so much. This semester I’m looking forward to leaving a few hours to work out doing the weekend haha.



I’d like to hear: did you take any summer classes? work any summer jobs? any vacations?

My Summer [Part 1]


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Hellooooo Everyone!

For my returning blog I would like to 1st say WELCOME BACK! I’ve definitely been away for quite sometime now so for my 1st few blogs I’d like to give you all different parts of my summer to catch you all up to speed on what’s been going on with me. For today’s blog I’ll talk about my month of June.

June was a pretty cool month because I had  a lot going on. I think that was also one of my favorite months because although I had a lot going on it was evenly dispersed so I got a chance to relax alot:

#1..I had my 1st orientation days as an orientation leader and I thought it was awesome. Actually, I enjoyed this job so much that I would LOVE to return next year. I say this because, unfortunately, I found out at the end of this month that when you’re an RA you can’t do any other “student assistant” jobs and since that was a “Student Assistant”  job I volunteered instead so I could finish out the summer. Again, I think that alone proves how amazing it was I had the choice to walk away in fear of not being paid and I STILL stayed. Also. still until this day I get to see those students I helped at orientation and all those new friends I made and some I even have classes with so I’m really grateful for that experience! =)


#2..Also, as you guys remember from my previous post I was also hired to be a Summer RA so during this time I was also doing my Summer RA job and I was also taking a Sociology WP course. This course was SOOOOOOOOOOO good. I think it was one of THEE best college courses I’ve taken thus far and it was a 8AM-5PM course. You would think that a 3 week WP course all day on Saturday and Sunday would be terrible but like I said, MAN, this was incredibly amazing.

#3..And to top it all off, my roommate from the previous year got married in Santa Cruz. I missed the actual wedding due to traffic (and me being lost for a good hour because my phone had terrible reception and it was dying) but I made it to the reception and I must say, IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. Here’s a few pictures I took below. =)

Id’ like to hear: I hope all of your summers were great! What did you all do? =D

Last But NOT Least!


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Unfortunately, we’re not going be be blogging through the summer SO this blog is my final blog for the semester. As my last blog I would like to enlighten you all on the events that happened last week and this week. It’s my birthday on the 31st so I wanted to share allllllll of my awesome events with you HOWEVER, my camera is broken so I don’t have any pictures from a lot of the events I’ve already done and I won’t be able to document the ones I plan to do for my birthday. =(

My 1st exciting event, however, that I for some reason have an impulse to tell everyone I meet is that I got to play the lotto for the 1st time.! I guess the perk/downside of being 20 is that you’re technically out of your teens but your not quite 21/an adult. With that said, since the Lotto is just about the only right I have (since I turn 18) I figured that I’d try that PowerBall lotto that they brought to California. Apparently, when I finally checked days later, I got 1 number correct! Although that’s not worth anything I thought it was pretty awesome that for my 1st time I actually got a number picked at all. (I won’t, however, be playing again haha)



SO, I said I’d keep you guys posted on my status as an applicant for the Summer RA and NSO Leader positions and GUESSSS WHAT! Not only did I get both of the jobs but I’ve also started training.! Unfortunately my 1st day of work for Summer RA is my birthday but I’m excited to start. I must admit, however, that it’s been a CRAZZZZZY week with finals, training, PLUS trying to work my schedules around my 2 jobs and summer classes. Although it doesn’t sound like a lot: it was A LOT of work (especially since ALL of my friends wanted help moving out)! Over all, I’m really excited for this summer. Everyone keeps asking me what I fear most about being an RA and  I think the only thing that scared me in the beginning is knowing that we only get 4 training days for an entire job that other people’s LIVES depend on! Thankfully, my boss gave us this binder to put all of the paperwork that we pick up during training and MANOHMAN does this “Survival Binder” help me in so many ways. It has powerpoints from people who helps us cover important topics like Title XI, Fire drills, Water safety, and anything between life threatening and something as simple as how to turn on the AC, along with my schedule and so many other helpful documents and guides.


Also, for my New Student Orientation Training we have neat new notebooks that the NSO incoming students will be getting that have ALLLLLLLL of the information you can ever need on there.! It’s so great that I’m almost jealous that during my NSO as an incoming student that I didn’t get one (we had folders instead). With NSO training it’s less life threatening so our training is more about building teamwork and leadership qualities through games and actives that, in fact, doesn’t at all seem like that’s what we’re doing. Today, after training, we went bowling and tomorrow my boss has planned “Water fun” (it’s a secret) and our last day of training is completely hidden on what we’ll be doing. Either way, I know it’ll be fun!


NSO Program dates:

  • June 6       Freshman Orientation
  • June 7       Freshman Orientation
  • June 114    Freshman and Transfer Orientation
  • June 28    Freshman and Transfer Orientation
  • July 12          Transfer Orientation
  • Also, you should look into Overnight Orientation (you might get to see me twice!) all the info is here:

So far, (and I’m only in training) both of these jobs have already taught me so much about teamwork and I can only IMAGINE what i’ll be learning about leadership! Unfortunately, I’ve already realized that just because these jobs are fun doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to be a piece of cake…ESPECIALLY NOT ALL THROWN TOGETHER AT ONCE! Hands down: this is doing to be a BUSY summer that I plan to enjoy! I hope to meet some of my readers along the way!


The biggest thing that’s been happening for the past 2 weeks are finals and that all of the housing students slowly leaving the dorms! I’m usually the 1st to go after my finals are over but now that I’m staying I helped so many of my friends move out and it was so sad watching everyone leave. I even met so many people to help them move and also their parents who were there to pick them up. I unfortunately lost this one particular student’s name, however, her and her family were so awesome that I wanted to put them in my blog. They had their truck loaded and I had to pull her aside to ask how she enjoyed Stanislaus and whether or not she was returning to the dorms. Thankfully, she enjoyed her 1st year at Stanislaus so much and she said that she would be returning to live in the dorms but mainly because her father wanted her to. I really laughed when I heard this simply because my dad is the SAME EXACT WAY! My father doesn’t want me living anywhere but on campus because he doesn’t want any reasons for me to not to stay on track and I must admit: staying in the dorms does help out with that (you kind of have no excuse to not go to class). With that said, with A LOT of hard work for my final grades for this semester I got 3 “A’s” and 1 “B” and 1″C”. I wish I didn’t get the ‘C” but the 200 point final was a bit tougher than I imagined so my lovely B dropped to a C. I hope every one else’s semester went great and that you all Ace’d your finals! ALSO, to all of you Seniors I hopeeeee to see you next year at CSU Stanislaus, at NSO, or even maybe here during the summer for Summer Bridge or Early Start! =)

(if you want more info on those: they can be found here:

FINALLY, I want to say,


and even to our own bloggers who are graduating (be sure to stop by their pages)! May 31st is our baccalaureate graduation ceremony and I plan to attend for a few of my friends. The 31st is also MY BIRTHDAYYYYYY so I’m also really looking forward to enjoying my 20th birthday this Friday. As interesting as this sounds, to celebrate I plan to eat some free iHop pancakes. Secretly, however, i’m hoping my family and friends come surprise me since i’ll be working that day from 3:45PM-7AM the next morning.Either way, I’ve really learned how to have fun by myself or with my awesome new co-workers!


Thanks for reading!



Things to do: Madera, CA


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HEY everyone!
To be honest: me and my friends were so hyped up from Warrior Day that the next day we wanted to do something (procrastination on studying at it’s finest) instead of our regular library date. SO, one thing I had never done but heard about the previous week before is that we live 45mins. away from a drive in movie theater. Of course, me being a girl that drives 2 hours to get home to the Bay Area and can willingly make that drive with NO PROBLEM (plus, remember I just came from a 5hr drive to Rialto, CA) hearing that it was just 45 minutes away made it just that much easier. With that said, I gathered up 3 of my friends and we made a random trip to Madera, CA in my PT. We actually ended up getting there early  because I left early just in case for traffic or anything so decided to make a stop to grab some Panda Express to eat while we watch the movie. Unfortunately  we found out that mayyyybe coming 30 minutes early wasn’t as early as we thought because that place was PACKED. Luckily, I have a tiny car so I found a way to squeeze on up to the front. Me and my friend Juan sat out on the ground in front of the car on our blankets while my other two friends sat in my car (I didn’t account for the fact that my headrest would be in the way from the back seat haha). Anyways, It ended up being only $7  and we got to see Iron Man 3; which by the way was a good movie. The one thing I thought it kind of stunk though is that we just so happened to come on a day that it was a motorcycle event near by and you could hear all the Harley’s racing and riding by throughout the scenes. Either way, despite those darn Harley’s, it was a nice experience! Here’s a few pic.s from our drive in movie:


I’D LIKE TO HEAR: have you ever been to a drive in movie theater? what was your experience like?



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It’s that time of year again

Here at Stanislaus we have 2 events we (and our surrounding cities) look forward to: Stan Fest and Warrior Day. These are the two days out the year that CSU Stanislaus is KNOWN to show it’s school pride by not only putting on a great show for it’s students but also for it’s community. Warrior day, however, is that one day/event at the end of the year RIGHT before finals that is truly just a break from the stressors of school to just LET GO and HAVE FUN! With that said, let’s just say, I had some fun. Rock climbing, water sliding, air swinging, rope walking, mechanical bull riding, all day dance partying fun. (with a bonus of free food and concerts). Here’s my pics. from my day at Warrior day and you can judge for yourself! =)

I’D LIKE TO HEAR: how did you enjoy Warrior Day 2013? 


GOOD NEWS! = Phase 2


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Hey everyone!


remember how I previously posted a blog about how I applied for the Summer RA and the NSO Leader  position and how I was waiting to hear back? WELL GUESS WHAT?! I CALLED FOR INTERVIEWS. I’m currently in Phase 2 and if everything goes right (which it should) then I should be walking away with 2 jobs on campus this summer. I CAN’T WAIT.!


A Lesson Learned


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MY GOODNESS, Hello Everyone!

 I am incredibly EXXXXXXXXCITED! The reason why: I’VE FINALLY FINISHED ALL OF THE REST OF MY HOMEWORK FOR THE REST OF THE SEMESTER! I must admit, although it was nice, being away from school for an entire month PUT ME REALLLLLLLLY BEHIND. I had so much backed up/make up work to do along with a TON of studying because I came back SMACK DAB in the middle of Mid-Terms. Let’s just say: I’ve most definitely learned my lesson in regards to missing large chunks of school. SO, while I’ve been stuck in my room cramming, studying, typing, reading, writing, and etc. I never got the chance to give you guys the details on my trip! =)

 SO, during my stay in Ohio I go to visit my cousin’s college: Toledo University and I stopped to eat at SEVERAL different places through the different cities. I thought it was so interesting that they have “tornado safe waiting areas” in their schools simply because in California we never worry about stuff like that. It was cool waking up, walking to the snow packed car, and walking through the snow to classes BUTTTTT only for the 2 days that I was there. I commend people who do it all the time, just living in the snow for the time period I stayed there was too much for me! Also, it was so funny because everything was really “old fashioned”. I guess living in California really raised my standards in living lifestyles and etc. *cue Katy Perry – California Girls*

I got to visit my aunt more times, meet SO many family members  get home cooked meals every day and TRUST ME, I felt like a queen (and i’m pretty sure I gained some weight). In the end, it was a really awesome experience! But, unfortunately, it all to come to an end BACKKKKKKKKK TO REALITY! =)

THEN, when I got back, my roommate needed someone to help her move her stuff back home to Rialto. It was a LONGGGGGGGGGGG road trip and it took ALL DAY getting there, moving her in, and driving back (I had to come back the next day to go do volunteer work) . It was a really awesome experience though because I’ve never driven anything pass 2 hrs away but i handled it like a CHAMP. With all the wrong exits and food detours I took I think I totaled 700 miles in one day! When I finally arrived home, I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to be back in Turlock and see CSU Stan. =D

When I got  back, I CRAMMMMMMMMMMMMMED on homework and studying so much that I missed out on SO MANY events.

1. Warriors Up At Night

2. The Undie Run


4. The Baseball Senior Game

5. Early tickets for Warrior Day


 BUT TODAY, I FINALLLLLLLY  finished it all. I got A’s on all my tests I studied for and I went to the Art Museum for extra credit.  SO, in celebration, I went to go donate blood, hung out with my friends, did my HAIR, cleaned my room, did laundry, went grocery shopping, and made a homemade facial mask made of:

Oatmeal, Oil, Lemon Juice, Tomatoes, Milk, Brown Sugar, and Eggs


 It felt great to finally relax and take care of my other responsibilities (They were LONG over due). Also, I apologize  for the LONG post everyone I’m just so happy to finally get to blog and relax.


Wish me luck!


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Hello everyone!

This summer I’ve applied to be a Summer Residential Adviser, New Student Orientation Leader, and to join the Summer leadership program. I’m really hoping I get the jobs because I’d LOVE to experience these job opportunities. I’ll keep you guys posted on what happens.


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